96 394 21 68 - 96 287 24 37
96 394 21 68 - 96 287 24 37

Clínics & Facilities

Our clinics of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, are endowed with all the sanitary guarantees required by law, both by the technical equipment and the human team that forms it. The unconditional dedication of the staff, the warm and modern atmosphere and the comfortable facilities make your stay there so comfortable that you will forget that you are in a hospital.

In the clinics of Dr. Julio Puig we carry out the most complete treatments, with the most innovative technology, from the most superficial and safe anesthetics and sedations to the most comfortable and simple recoveries. All this allows us to work every day more quickly and safely, giving you excellent results.

We first listen to your case, answer your questions, adjust to your personal circumstances, and then design a specific treatment for you, and explain what it is, how long it lasts, if you need income. All this with all the information and time you need.

Contact us if you have any questions. Dr. Puig and his team will respond to all questions received with complete confidentiality. We will answer as soon as possible. And if you prefer, we’ll call you.

Consulta clínica Dr. Puig en Valencia

Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Valencia

Dr. Julio Puig · Av. del Marqués de Sotelo, 11, 46002 Valencia

Tel. 96 394 21 68

Consulta Clínica Dr. Puig en Gandia

Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Gandia

Dr. Julio Puig · Pº Germanías, 23, 46702 Gandía

Tel. 96 287 24 37