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Body Plastic Surgery


Also called liposculpture, it helps to reshape your silhouette by removing localized fat.



Done to achieve the reduction of fat and accumulated skin in the belly or abdomen.


Crural Lifting

With a thigh lift, the inner leg wall is tightened, removing excess fat and skin.


Find here the best team of experts in cosmetic surgery led by plastic & cosmetic surgeon Dr. julio Puig in Valencia and Gandia.

A sedentary pace of life, poor diet, accidents, operations, burns, or simply the passage of time leave in our body traces that, thanks to the current medical advances, we can heal and correct with the proper body surgery procedure.

We have an answer for each of those questions that concern you How to eliminate cellulite ?, How to eliminate localized fat ?, Is the abdominoplasty adequate for my case ?, How much does a crural lifting? Liposuction

Dr. Puig and his team will respond in detail and personally to each of the plastic or cosmetic surgery requests for information received, and will advise you on the procedure of plastic surgery that best suits each case.

Each situation has a different solution, so the first step is always an evaluation and diagnosis of the patient. All cosmetic surgery interventions are carried out within the hospital setting, in approved operating rooms and under the strictest health controls.

Request appointment with Dr. Puig for your Body Plastic Surgery

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to make any related queries. Consultations are treated with strict confidentiality. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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