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About Us

Equipo médico del cirujano plástico Dr. julio Puig

Dr. Julio Puig, puts at your disposal a medical team highly qualified in each plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery, aesthetic, dermatological treatment or nutritional and dietary plan, which is performed in each of our centers.

We have an innovative, cutting-edge technology, safer anesthetics and sedation, more comfortable and simple recovery, personal support, and everything you need so you do not worry about anything.

All procedures are personalized, since Dr. Julio Puig and his medical team first evaluate the patient’s health, then diagnose each case with the utmost care and then propose the solution that best suits your needs.

Thus, we can ensure more and more, optimal results, both for the quality of the result and for the rapid incorporation into everyday life.

Always inform yourself: the best guarantee of success.

We invite you to consult any concerns, ensuring from the outset the personal care you require, to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Our recommendation: to inform yourself well about the qualification of the specialist who will intervene to you. Must be a Surgeon, Plastic, Aesthetic and Repair. This information can be obtained by calling the College of Physicians of your city or informing you in the Spanish Society of Aesthetic and Repairing Plastic Surgery.

You must keep in mind, that as important as the doctor is the operating room where you are going to intervene. Always be in an approved operating room, that is, in an operating room of a hospital setting.