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Nutrition & Diets

improve your health and your body

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Features of Nutrition and Diets Treatment

  • resultado natural de la operacion
    Procedure: Helps weight loss through healthy diets and eating habits.
  • Used for: Achieve healthy weight loss.
  • duración de la intervención
    Treatment duration: It will depend on the history of each patient and the weight to lose.
  • anestesia
    Type of Anesthesia: Not necessary
  • el hospital donde operamos
    Hospitalization: No hospital admission required.
  • Results: Loss of those excess kilos in a healthy way.
  • Recovery: You can return to normal activity immediately.

What is the Nutrition and Diet consultation?

NUTRITION AND DIETS: We started the consultation trying to find out the reasons for weight gain, through a detailed medical history. And with the data obtained, we opted for one type of diet or another (hypocaloric, protein-based, etc.)

In addition to diet, we will advise you on healthy living habits and supplementation necessary to promote weight loss without losing health.

We will periodically check weight, body fat, muscle mass and, if necessary, metabolic problems associated with hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, etc.

At Dr. Puig’s clinic we have a team of nutritionists and professional dietitians with extensive experience focused on caring for you through the food you eat. We help you personalize your eating habits either to improve them or lose weight. Our team will always listen to you and take you to achieve your goals.

How do we work?

“We will improve your health through your diet.”

Whether you need to lose or gain weight, if you are pregnant, if you do sport, we advise you to get a healthy diet according to your goals.

Depending on your rhythm of life and food preferences, at the Dr. Puig beauty clinic we have the latest techniques and technologies that allow us to study your body composition such as level of liquids and body fat, bone and muscle mass, etc. and thus plan and prepare a personalized diet for each patient according to their preferences and objectives.

Characteristics of the Nutrition and Diet consultation

  • en que consiste
    Diets for weight loss: Personalized diets that, with simple guidelines, will help you lose weight and then maintain it.
  • bisturi para cirugia
    Diets for Athletes: Diets that will help you prepare and perform at your best.
  • resultado natural de la operacion
    Diets for Pregnant, Postpartum and Breastfeeding: They will help you eat well and have a good pregnancy, take care of your diet and that of your baby in each period.
  • Child Nutrition: We help your children eat a healthy and balanced diet and grow healthy and strong.
  • Vegan Diet: Well-planned diets to avoid any type of nutritional deficiency.

Before and After Nutrition and Diets Photos

You can see in the photos that follow several before and after cases of patients who have undergone nutrition and dietary treatment in Valencia at Dr. Julio Puig's clinic.
Antes de la operación de aumento de senosDespues de la cirugía de mamoplastia de aumento
Antes de la operación de aumento de senosDespues de la cirugía de mamoplastia de aumento
Antes de la operación de aumento de senosDespues de la cirugía de mamoplastia de aumento

Nutrition and Diets, How much does the treatment cost?

From 100 €

The price of nutritional and dietary consultations depends on a wide variety of factors, among which are the doctor’s fees and experience, the medical tests that the doctor deems convenient before starting treatment, follow-up visits, etc.

When you, as a possible patient, ask us about the price of a nutritional and diets consultations , you must bear in mind that for us, the most important thing is your health and that in any case the price depends on the personal characteristics of each patient.

Therefore, in the Dr. Puig aesthetic clinics in Valencia and Gandia, we will not be able to give you a price in advance before the first visit, in which we make an assessment of the characteristics and needs of each patient.

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