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Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that are downloaded to the terminal (computer / smartphone / tablet) the user when accessing certain web pages and that are stored in the memory of the same. Cookies allow, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or his / her computer, to see which pages are visited, the connection time, analyze the operation of a page, if there are technical problems, etc. Depending on the information they contain and how the terminal is used, they can be used to recognize the user.

What type of cookies exists?

There are several types of cookies depending on different criteria:

Depending on ownership:

  • Own cookies. The ones that owns to Dr.Puig

Depending on its purpose:

  • Technical and / or personalization cookies. They are those that serve to improve the service, locate incidents, recognize the user, etc..

What is a cookie used for?

Cookies are used to offer personalized services and / or advertising, to analyze the operation of the system, to recognize you when you access as a user, to identify incidents and problems that may arise and solve them in the shortest possible time, as well as to analyze and measure the use and Activity of the web page.

Is my consent required to implement a cookie?

The consent for the installation of technical cookies or those strictly necessary for the provision of a service of the information society expressly requested by the recipient is not required. For the rest, the consent of the interested party is required, which can be requested in different ways. In the case of IQB, it will be understood granted if you continue to use the website, without prejudice that at any time you may revoke and disable cookies.

What cookies do Dr.Puig currently use?

They are OWN, session, configuration and registration cookies, strictly necessary for the provision of the services requested by the user. The information obtained through them is treated only by Dr.Puig.

How can I disable cookies?

Most browsers tell you how to configure your browser so that it does not accept cookies, to notify you every time you receive a new cookie, as well as to deactivate them completely. To control what use you want to make of your information, you can configure the browser of your terminal in the form that it deems most convenient for you.

In any case, we point out that if technical and / or operating cookies are deactivated, the quality of the web page may decrease or it may be more difficult to identify.

We indicate the following links, where you can find more information about the different browsers:

Cookies Policy
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